Branding & Marketing

Confluence offers best of breed traditional branding and marketing services. We start with developing your brand platform, which will influences all future activities. The brand platform functions as your brand’s True North. The purpose is to insure alignment of internal values with your target audience and stakeholders.

Brand Development

Our unique approach to brand development includes alignment of key aspects to define your brand’s voice. Included components are positioning, target market needs, attributes, brand promise, how you support the promises your brand makes and the values the brand upholds. When completed the alignment brings clarity to all future execution.

Market Research

Confluence is able to bring highly innovative market research to our clients. In addition to traditional research such as focus groups, surveys, concept testing and the like, we also offer emerging disciplines of research. These include ethnographic studies, ideation synectics sessions, semiotic analytic techniques and linguistic analysis.

Communications & PR

When you need to get the word out our communications and PR team jump into action. Whether it’s establishing tone and voice for marketing materials or reaching out to influencers to tell your story, our team captures the essence of your message tailoring it to the medium.

Media Strategy

We’re well versed in the fine points of media research, planning, negotiation and optimization. Each client requires a unique mix that delivers their message to the right audience and the right time and place. Whether it’s print, broadcast, digital, out of home, direct mail or any other means our team’s passion is your strategic edge.

Creative Services

Our award winning creative services team translates your brand platform into compelling stories that resonate with your target audience. Regardless of the screen, the environment or the means of delivery, your brand’s voice will come through loud and clear. And we don’t mean by shouting louder than everyone else – though we can do that too! No, we mean by creating stories that connect at an emotional level with your audience’s desires.

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    • Markel Insurance logo"After working with the folks at Confluence, I can’t imagine approaching a paid search campaign without their help." Kevin Behringer, Marketing Manager, Markel American Insurance Company Read more client testimonials...