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Google is Moving Pay Per Click Ads From Right Side to Bottom of Search Results

As if introducing changes to the search algorithm to favor freshness of content when ranking pages for organic search and blocking keyword tracking in analytics for searches from users signed into their Google account was not enough, Google has announced that it’s going to stop displaying right side ads for paid search and replace them with Yahoo-style […]

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Final 5 Tips for Improving Q4 Performance for Online Retailers

So you’re back for more. Excellent! We hope the previous 10 tips for getting better pay per click (PPC) results during the holiday eCommerce rush have sparked ideas for you to try. We wrap up our three part series with five more ideas we hope will get you to ask questions of your current program. […]

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5 More Tips for Improving Q4 Performance for Online Retailers

Click image above to enlarge and view in separate window. Welcome back! Last week we posted the first 5 ecommerce PPC tips and we continue with 5 more. By sharing these tips in small batches, we hope you can pick a few and implement them. Be sure to note performance before implementing changes so you can […]

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5 Tips To Boost Your Holiday e-Commerce Sales with Facebook

The holiday season is approaching and triggering consumers to start thinking about purchasing.  If you’re an online retailer the next 3 months is your last chance to push and attract sales to finish the year strong.   You probably already know that it is fundamental to have SEO and PPC campaigns running to increase awareness […]

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5 Must-Do Tips for Awesome PPC Results in Q4

For most retailers it’s about to be crunch time. October marks the start of the fourth quarter – an intense time when many retailers make or break their revenue goal for the year.  For retailers with online operations the competition over shoppers’ share of wallet is particularly fierce, since – even if it sounds like […]

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Media Planning for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

The digital media budgeting question comes up often in the course of interacting with prospects and clients. It typicaly leads to an interesting discussion. Clients often assume that we follow a manual with the exact formula for the optimal mix of digital tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Social Media Marketing or Display Advertising. I only wish it were that […]

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Top Ten Pointers to Spring Cleaning Your Paid Search Campaign

Spring is finally here. It’s by far my favorite time of year in Seattle. This city of avid gardeners bursts into shades of green and colorful bloom starting in April (but don’t tell anyone, we like our rainy city reputation). More significantly for those of us in the business of selling goods or services the […]

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Dynamic Keyword Insertion and Trademark Infringement

Recently two of our clients became “victims” of trademark infringement by direct competitors. We noticed competitive ads on Google and Display Network partners Business.com and Alexa.com that followed the following format: This ad format features the use of a trademarked term in a competitive manner, a practice Google explicitly forbids: In the U.S., we allow […]

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Beware the Sellers of Paid Search Snake Oil

I have been assisting a friend of mine with her digital marketing needs. She’s a therapist and in the process of having a website developed for her practice. She knows she needs to have a presence online. She understands that she needs a website that is user friendly, follows SEO best practices and can be […]

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PPC Quick Tip – Test Ad Copy for Improved ROI

ABT – Always Be Testing ABT is requirement for all digital marketing. If you want to improve you need to test. Pay Per Click is an ideal low cost test platform. I typically see two opposing methods of running ad copy; only having one ad running per ad group or having too many. Ultimately it […]

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