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by on July 25, 2012

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Is the title confusing? Well it doesn’t get any less confusing than that which is why I’m writing this post.  This article explains the difference between Google+ Local Pages and Google+ Pages in Google+.

About Google+ Local Pages Listings 

Google Places business listings were recently migrated to Google+ under a tab called ‘Local’ which is why the name is Google+ Local.  Below is a screenshot of our Google+ Local listing.


Note the popup window that says ‘Page’ above.  The reason for this is that Google may at some point be merging their Google+ Local listings with their Google+ Pages which is why the tag ‘Page’ is also on their Google+ Local listings.

About Google+ Pages 

Now in the other side Google+ Pages is Google’s version of Facebook Pages.  Below is a screenshot of our Google+ Page.  Note that there is also a tag here that says ‘Page’ which is why some are getting confused about these two different types of Pages in Google+. 


What You Need To Understand

Google+ Pages and Google+ Local Pages are two different Google products.  At this point is easier to simply keep thinking of Google+ Local Pages as Google business listings.

If this is still confusing leave a comment below haha.  


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