Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource List (Updated Daily)

By February 26, 2013PPC

The huge announcement from Google announcing AdWords Enhanced Campaigns has caused a lot of marketers (including ourselves) to try and guess what this change is going to mean for search marketing.  

And while we try to unravel what this new feature is and explain to you what it means for the future of paid search, undoubtedly there will be some news that we are going to miss.  

This list of blog posts, news articles, and Google announcements about the new Enhanced Campaigns should help your digital marketing agency stay up-to-date on all the latest AdWords changes.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Announcements

Official Enhanced Campaigns Announcement from Google
Enhanced Campaigns Website from Google
AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: New Bidding Tools Announced from Search Engine Land 
Brave New AdWords: Google Announces Enhanced Campaigns from Confluence Digital

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Explained 

What Makes the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns “Enhanced”? from Confluence Digital
Enhanced Campaigns PDF Guide
 from Google
Key Takeaways You Need to Know About AdWords Enhanced Campaigns from Exclusive Concepts 

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Should You Upgrade to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns? from Search Engine Land
Ad Group Mobile Bid Adjustments Available Soon in Enhanced Campaigns from Inside AdWords
Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: The Good, The Bad, & Uncool
 from Search Engine Watch
Google Enhanced Campaigns: A Flawed Step in the Right Direction from Forbes
Google Revamps AdWords in Nod to Mobile Device Explosion from Gigaom
The Big AdWords Update: Enhanced Campaigns Puts the Focus on Mobile from Search Engine Land 
Google to Force You to Go Mobile with Enhanced Campaigns from PPC Hero
The Scoop on Enhanced Campaigns (good and bad) from PPC Associates
Google Upgrade Is a Tidal Wave for Advertisers from Wired 

How to Get Ready for Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

The Enhanced Campaigns Waiting Game from Search Engine Land
Enhanced Campaigns Webinars
 from Google
Google Announces Big Changes to Mobile Ad Campaign Management from WordStream
Enhanced Campaigns: The New Bidding Challenges and Opportunities from Rimm-Kaufman Group
Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need to Know from Righteous Marketing 
Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Roll Out – How Does this Affect Your Ad Spend? from Three Deep Marketing 

We will be updating this blog post daily, so check back in tomorrow for even more resources!

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