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By July 20, 2010The D-Blog

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve doubtless heard about the troubles plaguing Apple’s new and eagerly awaited iPhone 4. Yes, it’s true. Tech giant Apple, renowned for their design acumen has released a product with a serious design flaw.

Duct Tape Fixes iPhone Flaw


Duct Tape Fixes iPhone Flaw

The new iPhone 4, all chock full of bells and whistles that enable users to automatically gain tech/geek cred, doesn’t work so well if you touch its “sensitive” spot. The signal can be lost during normal usage. Not so good if you’re on a call with that hot prospect, your biggest client or your little Jimmy who got his ass kicked at school and is in the nurses office texting you that he’s pressing charges against Amy Goldstein tomorrow and he needs the number of the family attorney. So what’s a loyal Apple iPhone customer to do?

There Is A Solution!

Mike Gikas, Senior Editor at Consumer Reports, and his crack team of engineers and quality testers have discovered the solution: strategically placed duct tape!

Yes, it’s another valuable use for one of humankind’s most invaluable inventions!

At Confluence Digital we share your pain. We know the suffering you go through with dropped calls (thank you AT&T) and now this! We’re offering affected iPhone 4 owners a FREE ROLL of duct tape in your choice of colors. Choose from:



If you can’t hold it right, do this.

• Midnight Blue
• Sassy Red
• Provocative Orange
• Classic Dull Grey
• Whatever left in the box

But Wait, There’s More!

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Turn that frown upside down. Confluence + Duct Tap = Happiness


Turn that frown upside down. Confluence + Duct Tap = Happiness

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